Staff Directory
Virginia Tech Athletics Department
Jamerson Athletic Center/Cassell Coliseum/Merryman Center
Virginia Tech (0502)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Fax: (540) 231-3060
Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, Inc. (Hokie Club)
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 10307
Blacksburg, VA 24062-0307
Physical Address:
112 Lane Stadium - West Side
Virginia Tech (0387)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Virginia Tech Athletics Ticket Office
122 Lane Stadium - West Side
Virginia Tech (0388)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
329 Lane Stadium - West Side
Virginia Tech (0389)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Basketball (Men's)
Basketball (Women's)
Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
Golf (Men's)
Lacrosse (Women's)
Soccer (Men's)
Soccer (Women's)
Spirit (Cheer, Dance, HokieBird - Mascot)
Swimming & Diving (Men's & Women's)
Tennis (Men's)
Tennis (Women's)
Track & Field and Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
Volleyball (Women's)
Administrative Support
Athletic Performance
Athletics Communications
Business Office
Facilities, Game Operations and Grounds
Information Systems
Inside Hokie Sports
ISP - International Sports Properties
Marketing & Promotions
Monogram Club
NCAA Initiatives
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
Student Services
Ticket Office
Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, Inc.

 Area Code
Administrative Support
Vickie Graham, Receptionist231-9984vgraham
Penny Martin, Administrative Coordinator231-8137martinpp
Athletic Fund
Bill Lansden, Senior Associate Athletics Director of Development and Executive Director of the Hokie Club231-6618blansden
David Everett, Associate Athletic Director for Major Gifts231-6618daeveret
Terry Bolt, Major Gifts Officer for Intercollegiate Athletics231-6618tbolt
Steve Adams, Associate Director of Major Gifts for Intercollegiate Athletics231-8479stevea88
Shelbylynn Adair, Monogram Club Program Coordinator231-6070smcbride
Diana Adkins, Business Manager for the Hokie Club231-8481difain
Angelique Baldwin, Fiscal Technician231-5503angeliqu
Brandy Barrow, Stewardship Assistant231-0484bbratton
Andrew Bauschelt, Annual Fund Giving Coordinator231-9724ambausch
Ally Connolly, Special Events Coordinator231-5953ally
Diane Galinaitis, Fiscal Techniciandrgal1-5013
Marcus Haskett, Annual Fund Program Assistant231-6213haskett2
Evan Massengill, Annual Fund Coordinator231-9228ebmass01
Shendale Simpson, Fiscal Technician231-5851simpsons
Jennifer Skaggs, Executive Assistant231-6618skaggsj
Paul Torgersen, Annual Fund Gift Officer231-1936paultorg
Athletic Performance
Gary Bennett, Sport Psychologist231-2556gabennet
Paul Knackstedt, Staff Counselor231-6203pknack35
Alyson Onyon, Assistant Director, Sports Nutrition231-9910onyon92
Peter Ritz, Assistant Director, Sports Nutrition231-8645pritz6
Jennie Zabinsky, Associate Athletics Director, Sports Nutrition231-9910jlschaf
John Szefc, Head Coach231-5906jrszefc
Kurt Elbin, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator231-5906kelbin
Ryan Fecteau, Assistant Coach231-5906fecteau
Corey Haines, Director of Operations231-5906haines
Tyler Hanson, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)231-3671
Logan Bible, Intern, Video Coordinator231-5906loganb
Lexi Denny, Recruiting / Social Media Assistant, Baseball and Softball231-3671lexi94
Basketball (Men's)231-6725
Buzz Williams, Head Coach231-6725buzzwilliams
Steve Roccaforte, Associate Head Coach231-6725srocca
Jamie McNeilly, Director S-A Development/Assistant Coach231-6725jamie.mcneilly
Christian Webster, Assistant Coach231-6725webstr
Jeff Reynolds, Director, Scouting/Game Management231-6725jeff56
Devin Johnson, Director, Player Personnel231-6725devinj
Baylie Stous, Director, Administration231-6725baylies
Lyle Wolf, Director, Internal/External Operations231-3081lylewolf
Josh Chambers, Director, Recruiting Operations231-0624chambersmbb
Basketball (Women's)231-4998
Kenny Brooks, Head Coach231-4998
Jennifer Brown, Assistant Coach231-4998jen85
Britney Anderson, Assistant Coach231-6786britneya
Shawn Poppie, Assistant Coach231-4998poppie
Tim Clark, Director, Operations231-4998clarktr1
Samantha Mitchell, Director, Player Personnel231-2492samam90
Brian Cox, Coordinator, Video231-2918bcox90
Abby Daniels, Assistant to the Head Coach231-4998abby93
Sammi Goldsmith, Graduate Assistant231-4998samcg94
Radvile Autukaite, Graduate Assistant
Business Office
Omar Banks, Executive Associate AD231-6553omar17
Ahsaki Black, Assistant Director, Business Services231-5037ahsaki
Jean Ann Bailey , Administrative Assistant231-2371jebaile3
Stuart Cochran, Associate Director, Administrative Services231-6351stuvt1
Michelle Collins, Assistant Athletics Director, Finance231-6590collinsm
Carmen Hamlin, Senior Director, Business Operations231-2196chamlin
Pam Linkous, Senior Director, Human Resources231-3142pamela
Bill Old, Director of Financial Projects231-6728old07
Dianne Santolla, Coordinator, Wage Payroll and Finance dsantoll
Kellie Shaver, Coordinator, Travel231-7116kshaver
Donna Smith, Administrative Assistant231-6726sidsec
Shelby Smith, Administrative Assistant231-6265shelbys
Joyce Wynn, Administrative Assistant231-3540jowynn
    Athletic Performance
Bridget Brugger McSorley, Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance and Athletics Title IX231-4776mcsorlbb
Sheri Dooley, Senior Director, Compliance / Financial Aid231-0644
Megan Griesemer, Assistant Director, Compliance231-9709burker
Derek Gwinn, Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance231-2696gwinn
Alison Whittaker, Associate Director, Compliance and Admissions231-3719ahedrick
Michael Cosgrove, Compliance Intern (Transfers)cosgrove
Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
see Track & Field and Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
Erik Lewis, Senior Director, Equipment Services231-8680erik80
Bruce Garnes, Assistant Director, Equipment Services231-2502bgarnes
    Basketball Programs
Daniel Mervos, Assistant Director, Equipment Services231-4696dmervos
Executive Staff
Whit Babcock, Director of Athletics231-3977HokieAD
John Ballein, Executive Associate AD231-3357jballein
Omar Banks, Executive Associate AD231-6553omar17
Tom Gabbard, Senior Associate AD, Facilities and Operations231-6265tgabbard
Reyna Gilbert-Lowry, Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Development/SWA231-3956reygil
Chris Helms, Senior Associate AD, Administration and Sports Programs231-3869helmsc
Bill Lansden, Senior Associate AD, Development; Executive Director, Hokie Club231-6618blansden
Angie Littlejohn, Senior Associate AD, Internal Operations231-6927angie83
Carmela Smith, Assistant to the Athletic Director231-3977casmith
Danny White, Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Services/University Affairs231-1252dannyw
Brad Wurthman, Senior Associate AD, External Operations231-2937wurthman
Facilities, Game Operations and Grounds
Derek Bowman, Fields Coordinator231-6067derekb63
Eric Bremner, Associate Director, Fields231-2840ebremner
Jerry Cheynet, Coordinator, Operations231-6067msoccer
Ryan Connolly, Director, Centralized Recruiting/Union Park Coordinatorrconnolly
Greig Denny, Director, Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center and Rector Fieldhouse231-5908dgreig57
Lester Karlin, Coordinator, Grounds231-6067lkarlin
Derek Lester, Assistant Director, Facilities231-2199rebel32
Cole Long, Facilities Assistant231-2199cole3
Andy McReynolds, Associate Director, Fields231-6067mcreynol
Pete Pool, Director, Stadium and Fields231-6067ppool
Emerson Pulliam, Associate Director, Fields231-6067emersonp
Kody Tingler, Fields Coordinator231-6067kting10
James Torgersen, Director, Facilities231-9156jamest08
Ronnie Turpin, Assistant Director, Stadium and Fields231-6067rturpin
Casey Underwood, Assistant Athletics Director, Outside Facilities231-6067caunderw
Don Vaughn, Coordinator, Operations231-8284dovaughn
Cara Walters, Assistant Athletics Director, Operations231-9963caraw
Justin Fuente, Head Coach231-6368vtfootball
Bud Foster, Associate Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers Coach231-6368rofoster
Adam Lechtenberg, Assistant Head Coach/Executive Director, Player Development231-6368lech17
Zohn Burden, Running Backs Coach231-6368zohnb
Brad Cornelsen, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach231-6368bcornels
Brian Mitchell, Cornerbacks Coach231-6368bmitch
Tyrone Nix, Safeties Coach231-6368tnix45
James Shibest, Special Teams Coordinator & Tight Ends Coach231-6368shibest1
Vance Vice, Offensive Line Coach231-6368vrvice
Holmon Wiggins, Wide Receivers Coach231-6368hwiggins
Charley Wiles, Defensive Line Coach231-6368chwiles
Danielle Bartelstein, Senior Director, Operations, Football231-6368dabarte
Tom Booth, Director, Football Coaching Video231-9990tbooth
Josh Bost, Director, Football Video and Technology231-9990jobost
Mark Diethorn, Director, Player Personnel231-4592mdiethor
Thomas Guerry, Director, Recruiting Operations231-0306tguerry
Justin Hamilton, Director, Player Development/Defense231-6368juhamilt
John Iezzi, Director, On Campus Recruiting231-0306
Shannon Lewis, Assistant to the Head Coach231-4132shan15
Lisa Marie, Coordinator, Football Finance Operations231-6368lepperly
Matt Transue, Assistant Director, Football Operations/Director, Pro Scouting231-0306transue
Golf (Men's)231-6435
Jay Hardwick, Director of Golf Operations, Head Coach jhardwic
Brian Sharp, Associate Head Coach basharp
Golf (Women's)
Carol Robertson, Head Coach231-4757carolr
Russell Abbott, Assistant Coach231-3480abbott77
Graphic and Web Design
Dave Knachel, Senior Director, Photography and Design231-1838dknachel
Ben Smith, Assistant Director, Graphic and Web Design231-6756bfsmith
John Sours, Associate Director, Graphic and Web Design231-6329jsours
Hokie Club
see Athletic Fund
see Marketing & Promotions
Jed Castro, Senior Director, Visual and Broadcast Communications231-7202kingrice
Scott Bradshaw, Associate Director, Engineering231-9804scottb76
Christopher Bullard, Director, Creative Services and Digital Programming231-3170chris78
Eric Frey, Senior Director, ACC Network Operations231-efrey
Matt Jones, Broadcast Specialist/Producer231-9535mattj83
Sam Jones, Chief Engineer231-9466sjones5
Heidi Klockenbrink, Broadcast Specialist/Producer231-0425klock17
Nolan Nichols, Associate Director, Production231-3555nolan5
Daniel Sabatino, Assistant Director, Production and Live Events231-9535saba92
Brian Walls, Senior Director, Broadcast Operations231-7866brwalls
Connie Amos, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-7798coamos
Kelly Cahill, Coordinator, Housekeeping (Stadium)231-6067kecahill
Kathy Carter, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-2199kacarte2
Donna Cooper, Housekeeper (Stadium)231-6067kcdonna1
Tree Dove, Coordinator, Housekeeping (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-7798tdove
Sandra Duncan, Coordinator, Housekeeping (Stadium)231-6067saduncan
Paul Farrier, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jameson/Merryman)231-2199pafarrie
Chester Handy, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-2199chestlh
Mary Martin, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman/Hahn-Hurst)231-7798mamarti3
Eddie Mataj, Housekeeper (Stadium)231-6067emataj
Lisa Reed, Housekeeper (Stadium)231-6067mereed
Susan Slade, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-7798sslade
Thomas Tinley, Housekeeper (Cassell/Jamerson/Merryman)231-7798ttinley
IMG College
Brandon Forbis, General Managerext.
Jared Wilson, Senior Account Executiveext.
Kyler Pilling, Senior Account Executiveext.
Sam Schauf, Account Executiveext.
Valerie Lee, Account Executiveext.
Laura Bauer, Partner Services Coordinatorext.
Jon Laaser, Director of Broadcast Servicesext.
Andrew Allegretta, Assistant Director of Broadcastingext.
Mike Burnop, New River Office Supply552-6611
Information Systems
Tommy Regan, Senior Director, Information Systems231-7539tregan
Chris Mayer, Assistant Director, Information Systems231-9361cmayer
Tim Roberts, Assistant Director, Information Systems231-9954timro
Inside Hokie Sports
see Athletics Communications
Lacrosse (Women's)231-2776
John Sung, Head Coach231-9454jsung
Gregg Gebhard, Assistant Coach231-9454gregg76
Amanda Shimp, Assistant Coach231-2776shimpa
Melissa Jaworski, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)231-9454mjaworski
Marketing & Promotions
Lauren Belisle, Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing and Promotions231-3236lbelisle
Grant Duncan, Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing and Promotions231-2038gduncan
Damian Salas, Senior Director and Webmaster, hokiesports.com231-8816dsalas
Bob Gavagan, Assistant Director, Marketing and Fan Experience231-2515gavb85
J.C. Whidden, Director, Marketing and Promotions231-8783jcw85
Kaitlin Reese, Marketing Assistant231-9275kaitar1
Soccer (Men's)231-7143
Mike Brizendine, Head Coach231-7143mbriz
Patrick McSorley, Assistant Coach231-7143patrm74
Jeff Kinney, Associate Head Coach231-7143jeffkin
Soccer (Women's)231-6660
Charles "Chugger" Adair, Head Coach adair
Matt Gwilliam, Assistant Coach231-6660mattg08
Drew Kopp, Assistant Coach231-6660drewk
Macaulay Soto, Director of Operations231-6660
Pete D'Amour, Head Coach
Angela O'Brien, Assistant Coach231-3063tincher
Justin Miller, Assistant Coach231-1804miller.justin
Whitney Davis Showalter, Director, Operations231-7240whitd
Lexi Denny, Recruiting / Social Media Assistant, Baseball and Softball231-3671lexi94
Spirit (Cheer, Dance, HokieBird - Mascot)
Perren Young, Head Spirit Coach231-5744perren
Jessica Curtis, Assistant Coach, HighTechs (Dance)231-5744jessc87
Josh Larrick, Assistant Coach231-5744larrickj
Chris Gallegos, Assistant Coach chrisg5
Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
Mike Goforth, Associate Athletics Director, Sports Medicine231-6410ab8631
Greg Beato, D.O., Team
Gunnar Brolinson, D.O., Team
Anne Bryan, Senior Director, Sports Medicine231-7741albryan
Erin Cash, Senior Director, Sports Medicine231-4214cash
Chris Catterson, M.D., Team
Sean Collins, Director, Sports Medicine231-9691spcolli
David Dietter, Director, Sports Medicine231-7269dietter
Keith Doolan, Senior Director, Sports Medicine231-2187kdoolan
Ernest Eugene, Assistant Athletics Director, Sports Medicine231-4071eeugene
Brett Griesemer, Director, Sports Medicine231-7741bgriese
Katie Karpa, Coordinator, Sports Medicine231-7741kkarpa
Jimmy Lawrence, Director, Sports Medicine231-5690jlaw
Brad McCrady, D.O., Team
Michelle Napoli, M.D., Team
Rebecca Pearman, Medical Clerk, Sports Medicine231-6410rpear15
Freddy Purnell, Director, Sports Medicine231-2284fp74267
Theresa Repass, Medical Clerk, Sports Medicine231-6410theresa1
Mark Rogers, D.O., Team
Kyle Staggers, Director, Sports Medicine231-6410kyleas8
Adam Viet, Director, Sports Medicine231-6410aviet1
Strategic Communications
Pete Moris, Associate Athletics Director, Strategic Communications231-9965morisvt
Bill Dyer, Associate Director, Strategic Communications231-8852wdyer
    Men's Basketball, Men's Golf, Women's Golf
April Goode, Director, Engagement and Analytics231-8823a.goode
    Swimming & Diving, Men's & Women's Tennis, Lacrosse, Student Staff
Peter Long, Associate Director, Strategic Communications231-3387lpeter
    Football (secondary), Softball, Wrestling
Marc Mullen, Associate Director, Strategic Communications231-1894marcm
    Baseball, Women's Soccer
Jimmy Robertson, Senior Director, Content Creation231-4134jarober3
    Inside Hokie Sports Editor, Cross Country
Carter Brown, Strategic Communications Assistant231-6892cart315
    Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer, Lacrosse
Lance Dozier, Strategic Communications Assistant231-1494lance17
    Volleyball, Track & Field
Strength & Conditioning
Kody Cooke, Associate Director, S/C, Football231-8207kody89
Anthony Crosby, Senior Director, S/C, Football231-2984crosby83
Ron Dickson, Director, S/C, Olympic Sports231-3778rond
Brandon Dillard, Assistant Director, S/C, Olympic Sports231-7857dino10
Jarrett Ferguson, Senior Director, S/C, Olympic Sports231-7386jafergus
Ben Hilgart, Associate Athletics Director, S/C, Football231-2984hilgart
David Jackson, Assistant Athletics Director, S/C, Basketball Programs231-7857twins
    Men's Basketball
Brian Neal, Senior Director, S/C, Olympic Sports231-1933
Allison Randall, Associate Director, S/C, Olympic Sports231-3778avr88
Ryan Shuman, Director, S/C, Football231-9291shumanjr
Charles Simmons, Assistant Director, S/C, Football231-9291
Greg Werner, Senior Director, S/C, WBB231-5665wernerg
    Women's Basketball
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
Matt Mayotte, Director231-6165mayotte
Sarah Armstrong, Senior Associate Director231-9094sarmstrong
Cory Byrd, Assistant Director231-2243ccbyrd
Becky Gosney, Learning Specialist231-0476beckygosney
Amanda Guerry, Academic Advising Assistant231-1999amaaliz
Will Hozey, Tutor Coordinator231-2994hozeyiii
Ryndee Mitchell, Assistant Director231-2994rruch
Tim Moore, Assistant Director231-1415timwmoor
Terrie Repass, Administrative Assistant231-6165tmae
Mary Anne Steinberg, Assistant Director,
Alise Svihla, Associate Director231-2245alisevt
Mike Swanhart, Associate Director231-0481swanhart
Nick Vaccaro, Assistant Director231-9986nvaccaro
Student-Athlete Development
Reyna Gilbert-Lowry, Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Development/SWA231-3956reygil
Danny White, Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Services/University Affairs231-1252dannyw
Natalie Forbes, Senior Director, Student-Athlete Development231-7661nforbes9
Kendrick Gholston, Associate Director231-7613kghost
Shelby Miller, Director, Student-Athlete Development231-7613shelby92
Swimming & Diving (Men's & Women's)
Sergio Lopez Miro, Head Coachsergio
Ron Piemonte, Head Men's and Women's Diving Coach231-3301vtdiving
Josh Huger, Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator231-4768huger
Steve Steketee, Assistant Coach
Albert Subirats Altes, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)231-5056
Tennis (Men's)231-4589
Jim Thompson, Head Coach jthomp
Martin Sayer, Assistant
Tennis (Women's)231-9971
Terry Ann Zawacki-Woods, Head Coach tzawacki
Will Davis, Assistant Coach231-6504wwdavis
Ticket Office/Ticket Sales
Sandy Smith, Associate Athletics Director, Ticketing Services and Customer Relations smiths
Chris Bales, Assistant Director231-6731cbales
Corey Brooks, Assistant Director231-6731cpelot
Heather Dunn, Service Executive231-6731host86
Christopher Jennings, Service Executive231-6731chrisj11
Stephen Medley, Senior Director, Ticketing Services, Systems Management and Technology231-6731medley
Nancy Rodriguez, Senior Director, Ticketing Services, Patron Relations nrodrig
Track & Field and Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
Dave Cianelli, Director of Track & Field and Cross Country dcianell
Andrew Dubs, Assistant Coach231-2154andrew.dubs
Eric Johannigmeier, Head Cross Country and Distance Coach231-5537ericj89
Bob Phillips, Assistant Track & Field Coach231-3094bob.phillips
Tim Vaught, Assistant Coach231-9977tim77
Paul Zalewski, Assistant Coach and Technical Director231-6929zpaul13
Volleyball (Women's)
Jill Wilson, Head Coach231-5220jillw17
John Wasielewski, Associate Head Coach231-4306johnw17
Thomas Amberg, Assistant Coach231-3112amberg17
Leah Joseph, Director of Operations231-3482leah17
Kayla Schanback, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)231-3482
Tony Robie, Head Coach231-3185trobie
Frank Molinaro, Assistant Coach
Jared Frayer, Assistant Coach