Committee on Equal Opportunity in Athletics

The Committee on Equal Opportunity in Athletics (the Committee) was created to fulfill a requirement stemming from the University's NCAA Division I Athletics Certification Self-Study Process (the Certification). This requirement states that Virginia Tech is required to conduct a "Periodic review of athletics department activities for consistency with goals and objectives set forth in the institution's and athletics department's written commitments to diversity." By forming the Committee, the Department of Athletics is ensuring that the requirement is met through periodic, comprehensive, and documented reviews. This kind of in-depth evaluation exceeds the Certification requirement by including a broadly representative group of campus citizens in the review process.

The purpose of the Committee is to evaluate and update the department's primary written commitment to diversity: the Department of Athletics' Minority Opportunity Plan. The Committee will use the University's mission statement, the Department of Athletics' mission statement, the Principles of Community, appropriate portions of the Virginia Tech NCAA Division I Athletics Certification Self-Study Report, and other relevant University policies and procedures as a basis for evaluation. The Committee will annually report findings to the Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) and to the Director of Athletics. Both parties will have an opportunity to review the report and provide comments or recommendations. The Committee will consider all comments and recommendations and will finalize the report accordingly. A final report will be provided annually to the CEOD, the Director of Athletics, the Office for Equal Opportunity, and the University Athletics Committee.