Coach Responsibilities

Prior to Recruitment Activities

  1. Make sure all actions involved in the recruiting process conform to NCAA Rules and Regulations



    Name Office Phone E-mail Cell Phone
    Tim Parker
    Associate A.D. for Compliance
    231-2937 540-998-5947
    Heather LaFon
    Director of Compliance
    231-0644 540-641-3541
    Vickie Sarfo-Kantanka
    Assistant Director of Compliance
    231-8645 540-392-0573
    Bridget Brugger McSorley
    Assistant Director of Compliance
    1. Confirm Recruiting Calendar Dates.
    2. Confirm Number of Off-Campus Recruiters out at the same time.
    3. In the event of an Official Visit, the Official Visit Approval Form must be completed prior to prospects arriving on campus.
  2. Before initiating reimbursable recruiting activities, confirm that your expenses and actions conform to applicable university policy.

    During Recruitment Activities

  3. Conduct yourself as a representative of the Virginia Tech Athletics Department & conform to NCAA, ACC, VT Athletics and university policies regarding Off-Campus Recruiting..

    * If any questions arise during the course of your trip, PLEASE call a compliance staff member.


  4. Collect necessary receipts and documentation (airline boarding passes, parking stubs, contact/evaluation forms, meet programs, student host forms, etc…).

    Following Recruitment Activities

  5. Upon completion, provide sport secretary with appropriate receipts and documentation of activities for successful completion of Travel and Meal Expense Voucher .
  6. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach and the sport staff to determine the appropriate procedure for entering recruiting data into Scoutware. Either staff members and/or sport secretaries must enter the appropriate data into Scoutware in order for a coach to be reimbursed.

    Sport Secretary Responsibilities

  7. Fill out Travel and Meal Expense Voucher :
    1. Please be specific in Purpose of Trip box (Recruiting Official Visit-Prospect Name, Recruiting Trip-Contact and/or Evaluation Occur, Recruiting-Home Visit, etc …).
    2. Put appropriate account codes and breakdowns.
  8. Attach receipts and documentation to the voucher.
    1. Where Official Visits occur, attach Official Visit/Student Host Form (Both Sides).
    2. Be aware of university policies regarding travel and meal expense vouchers by visiting
  9. Return to coach for signature. Through the coach's signature, s/he will be attesting to the fact that, to their knowledge, they have complied with all NCAA, ACC, Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and athletics department rules and regulations.
  10. Make a copy (electronic or hard copy) of necessary forms and supporting documentation for your records (these records must be retained for 7 years).
  11. Forward all originals to the compliance office for review.
REMINDER: Vouchers will not be approved until the sport staff has entered off-campus recruiting information into Scoutware.