• All off-campus recruiting shall be documented in Scoutware.
  • If off-campus recruiting expenses are incurred, submit a Travel and Meal Expense Voucher to the Compliance Office. Compliance staff will check Scoutware once voucher has been submitted.
  • If no expenses are incurred while recruiting off-campus, it is the coach's responsibility to input information into Scoutware.
  • A file should be kept on every prospect you are actively recruiting (via Prospect Template, electronic database, etc.).
Telephone Calls
  • Telephone calls must be logged into Scoutware. This must be done whether you are cooling from home, while traveling or while in your office.
  • Document everything that happens when you make a telephone call (e.g., left a message, had to hold for a long period of time only to find out the recruit is not home).
  • Telephone Logs must be printed out from Scoutware, signed and dated. Telephone Logs are due by the 10th of the subsequent month. If your Telephone Log is not received by the end of the subsequent month, all reimbursements for your sport will be held until all Telephone Logs for the sport are received.
Recruiting Funds
  • Per NCAA Bylaw 13.14.1 (Institutional Control), all funds for the recruiting of prospects shall be deposited with the institution. If you incur expenses (e.g., collect calls, calls from home or mobile phone) while recruiting prospects, you must submit paperwork for reimbursement.
Important Reminders for Recruiting Documentation
  • Please submit the following information to the Business Office (originals) and Compliance Office (complete copy) within 30 days of your return to campus: Travel and Meal Expense Voucher , hotel receipts, airline itinerary, rental car receipt, gas or parking receipts, Contact/Evaluation Forms(s). It is important that all dates and times check and balance. If travel plans change, please note on your documentation prior to submitting.
  • Input all recruiting information into Scoutware, even if no expenses were incurred.
  • When evaluating at large tournaments or events, please ONLY list the prospects you are actively recruiting or plan to actively recruit.
  • During the summer you only need to document the event and date when evaluating, as evaluations are unlimited during the summer.
  • If you make contact in the summer, you will need to list the prospect's name and all other required information on the form.