Procedures for Off-Campus Recruiting Travel
  1. You must be certified as an off-campus recruiter and be within the coaching limits of your sport.
  2. If you travel off campus for recruiting purposes, you must follow Steps 1 and 2 on the Virginia Tech Recruiting Voucher Procedures prior to taking the trip. If lodging does not fall within allowable rates or total trip cost is above $500, coach must submit a Travel Estimate and Approval Form , with Compliance Office approval and supervising associate athletic director signature.
  3. Within thirty days of return to campus the coach should follow the Virginia Tech Recruiting Voucher Procedures and submit Contact/Evaluation Forms and all the itemized original receipts to the Business Office. A complete copy of the Travel and Meal Expense Voucher and receipts should also be sent to the Compliance Office. The itemized original receipts should include but not be limited to: hotel, rental car, gas, parking and airline itinerary with arrival and departure times. Your Contact/Evaluation Forms must be complete, signed and dated.
  4. Within thirty days, both Compliance Office and Business Office will review the Travel and Meal Expense Voucher and/or Contact/Evaluation Forms and follow-up with the coach on any questions or concerns.

Off-Campus Recruiting Documentation Policies
  • All pink copies of the Contact/Evaluation Forms shall be kept in the coach's office.
  • All off-campus recruiting shall be documented on the Contact/Evaluation Forms.
  • If off-campus recruiting expenses are incurred, follow the steps listed above (submit Contact/Evaluation Forms).
  • If no expenses are incurred while recruiting off-campus, submit a copy of your Contact/Evaluation Forms to Compliance Office within five business days of your return to campus.
  • A file should be kept on every prospect you are actively recruiting.
  • When evaluating at large tournaments or events, please list those prospects you are actively recruiting and attach rosters for their teams.