Outgoing telephone call information is required to be inputted into Scoutware. Coaches are required to print a monthly report from Scoutware and sign and date the report. Coaches are required to use only their departmental cellular phone or office line, unless another phone is approved by the sport's supervisor. If another phone is used during the recruiting process, coaches are required to provide detailed billing statements for that phone upon request. It is suggested that coaches log the calls that are initiated by prospects, but we will not monitor those incoming calls due to the fact that NCAA legislation does not currently prohibit or limit those calls.

Once a month, the compliance team will choose a sport, or sports, to perform an audit of the telephone logs. At that time, through the sport and business offices, we will collect the detailed billing statements for each coaching staff member and review calls made from the coaches' mobile, office, and any other lines designated by the coach and approved by the sport's supervisor. This is an audit of recruiting calls, not business or personal calls. Coaches may be asked to provide information regarding some of the numbers called, but only to differentiate between recruiting and business/personal.

All telephone numbers for prospective student-athletes, their parents and/or legal guardians, and any other telephone numbers associated with a prospective student-athlete must be entered into Scoutware in the following format; xxx-xxx-xxxx, i.e. 540-231-9989.

Phone logs are due on the 10th of each month for the preceding month. Beginning in July 2010, if the logs are not received by the conclusion of the month which they are due, all travel and meal expense vouchers, for that sport, will be held - as directed by the Director of Athletics - until the delinquent logs are received.

Also, due to the necessity of addressing the use of multiple forms of electronic transmissions in recruiting, we will require signed statements that coaches are aware of the rules pertaining to electronic transmissions and have followed them. The statement will require the coaching staff member to attest to his/her knowledge and permissive use of texting, instant messaging, social networking communication, microblogs, and any other form of electronic communication other than email and fax. Coaches will be expected to provide the compliance office with any information that may be required to help monitor the use of these communication mediums.