Compliance Team Responsibilities


Responsibility Bylaw Individual Responsible
Agent Program12.3Derek
APR and GSR Tim
Autographed Items12.5Bridget
Coaches' Certification Exam11.5.1Derek
Coaching Staff/Personnel Limits11.7Derek
Core Course Calculation14Derek, Bridget
Daily/Weekly Records -- Countable Athletically-Related Activities17Bridget
    Communication of Status
Eligibility CenterBridget
    Data Management
    PSA Status Report
Financial Aid15Heather
    Grant-In-Aid Components
    Non-Athletic Institutional Awards
    Outside Awards
    Reductions/Cancellations of Athletics Aid
Hokiemart and VouchersBridget, Tim
Incidental Expense Waivers16.13Bridget
International Student-Athlete IssuesMultipleTim, Heather
Medical Hardship Waivers; Medical Absence Waivers14.2.4Bridget
NCAA Appeals and Waiver Requests Tim, Derek
    Legislative Relief
    Progress Toward Degree
NCAA Legislative Amendments (after adoption)AllTim
NCAA Proposals (prior to vote)AllTim
National Letter of Intent13.1, 13.9Bridget
    Appeals, Invalidation, Steering Committee Issues
Occasional Meals16.11.1.5Bridget
Outside Competition14.7Derek
Outside Income11.2Bridget
Participation Record Form14.2Heather
Participation Report Form14.2Heather
Playing Season Declaration17Bridget
Postseason Affidavits14Derek
    Complimentary Admissions
    Contact & Evaluation Database
    Monitoring of Limits
    Off-Campus Contact & Evaluation
    Official Visits and Unofficial Visits
    Printed Recruiting Materials
    Telephone Logs
    Travel Documentation/Approval
Recruiting Calendars13Derek
Reinstatement Requests14Derek
Roster Management14Heather
Rules EducationAllDerek
Squad Lists15.5.10Heather
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)AllDerek
Student-Athlete Appearances12.5Bridget
Student-Athlete Benefits16Derek, Bridget
    Academic Support
    Medical Expenses
    Team Entertainment
Student-Athlete Employment12.4Bridget
Student-Athlete Forms Heather
Student Assistance Fund15.01.7.2Joyce
    Communication with Other School(s) and Paperwork
    Exception to Residence Requirement
    Permission to Contact
    Transferable Credit Hours
Violations Tim, Derek
    Confirming Sanctions
    Response to Letters of Inquiry

* Any team member can be an initial point of contact for interpretation requests.