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Compliance with NCAA, ACC and Virginia Tech rules is a shared responsibility requiring the support of numerous constituencies both on and off campus. Directing this cooperative effort, the Virginia Tech Athletics Compliance Office staff:
  • educates key groups and stakeholders about relevant NCAA and ACC regulations;
  • coordinates policies and procedures to effectively meet these regulations; and,
  • implements systems to monitor the effectiveness of these policies and procedures.


NCAA rules dictate that Virginia Tech is responsible for the actions of its coaches, administrators, staff, student-athletes, alumni, fans, and friends. Even inadvertent violations can result in penalties for our student-athletes and the University. So please, ask before you act.


The information contained in this website is an overview of Division I intercollegiate athletics compliance and Virginia Tech policies and procedures; it is not exhaustive (though it is - according to many - exhausting). If you have any questions about any NCAA, ACC, or Virginia Tech regulations, please contact a member of the Compliance Team for assistance.


Name Office Phone E-mail Cell Phone
Tim Parker
Associate A.D. for Compliance
231-2937 540-998-5947
Heather LaFon
Director of Compliance
231-0644 540-641-3541
Vickie Sarfo-Kantanka
Assistant Director of Compliance
231-8645 540-392-0573
Bridget Brugger McSorley
Assistant Director of Compliance


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