Virginia Tech is solidly committed to maintaining the integrity of its intercollegiate athletics program, sports teams, coaches, and student-athletes. This commitment and obligation extends to the operation of the athletics department in adherence to the principle of Institutional Control, consistent with the spirit of NCAA, ACC, and Virginia Tech rules and regulations. Proper control of the athletics program is maintained through:
  • Responsible actions by athletics department staff members, administrators, faculty, and other University entities.
  • The education of coaches, staff members, student-athletes, and other individuals involved with the operation of the athletics program.
  • The development of clear and effective operating systems within the athletics department and the University that provide guidance in how to successfully work within existing rules.
  • The monitoring of these systems to ensure that all athletically-related functions are carried out within the scope and intent of applicable regulations.


Each individual involved in the operation of the athletics program is obligated to maintain competency in knowledge of the rules; to act within his or her area of responsibility in full compliance with the governing legislation; and to report any violation of NCAA, ACC, or Virginia Tech rules that he or she is aware of.


Due to the complexity and ever-changing nature of the NCAA regulatory system, it is unrealistic to expect that rules violations of the type known as "secondary" will ever be completely eliminated. In fact, the self-reporting of several inadvertent secondary violations annually is expected by both the NCAA and ACC, and viewed as evidence that compliance monitoring systems are engaged and functioning.