What is a "voluntary" activity?
To be considered a "voluntary" activity, all of the following conditions must be met:
  • The student-athlete must not be required to report back to a coach or other athletics department staff member (e.g., strength coach, trainer, manager) any information related to the activity. In addition, no athletics department staff member who observes the activity (e.g., strength coach, trainer, manager) may report back to the student-athlete's coach any information related to the activity; [Note: Coaches may not observe voluntary activities]
  • The activity must be initiated and requested solely by the student-athlete. Neither the institution nor any athletics department staff member may require the student-athlete to participate in the activity at any time. However, it is permissible for an athletics department staff member to provide information to student-athletes related to available opportunities for participating in voluntary activities (e.g., times when the strength and conditioning coach will be on duty in the weight room or on the track). In addition, for students who have initiated a request to engage in voluntary activities, the institution or an athletics department staff member may assign specific times for student-athletes to use institutional facilities for such purposes and inform the student-athletes of the time in advance;
  • The student-athlete's attendance and participation in the activity (or lack thereof) may not be recorded for the purposes of reporting such information to coaching staff members or other student-athletes; and
  • The student-athlete may not be subjected to penalty if he or she elects not to participate in the activity. In addition, neither the institution nor any athletics department staff member may provide recognition or incentives (e.g., awards) to a student-athlete based on his or her attendance or performance in the activity.

What is the Safety Exception?
A coach may be present during voluntary individual workouts in the institution's regular practice facility (without the workouts being considered as countable athletically-related activities) when the student-athlete uses equipment in that sport. The coach may provide safety or skill instruction but may not conduct the individual's workouts.

The safety exception is applicable to the following sports:
Swimming & Diving
Track & Field (FIELD EVENTS ONLY!)