**No More Than Four Hours Per Day**
**No More Than 20 Hours Per Week**
**One Day Off Per Week**
Countable Athletically Related Activities
  1. Practice.
  2. Competition (counts as three hours, regardless of actual length).
  3. Required weight training and conditioning activities.
  4. Film or videotape reviews of athletics practices or contests required, supervised or monitored by institutional staff members.
  5. Required participation in camps, clinics or workshops.
  6. Meetings initiated by coaches or other institutional staff members on athletically related matters.
  7. Individual workouts required or supervised by a member of the coaching staff. However, in the sports of swimming & diving and track & field (field events only), the coach may be present during voluntary individual workouts in the institutions regular practice facility.
  8. On-court or on-field activities called by any member or members of a team and confined primarily to members of that team are considered as requisites for participation in that sport (e.g. captain's practice).

Non-countable Athletically-Related Activities
  1. Training-table or competition related meals.
  2. Physical rehabilitation.
  3. Dressing, showering, taping.
  4. Athletics department academic study hall or tutoring sessions.
  5. Meetings with coaches on non-athletics matters.
  6. Travel to and from practice and competition.
  7. Visiting the competition site in sports other than cross country, golf, skiing.
  8. Medical examination or treatments.
  9. Fundraising activities.
  10. Recruiting activities (e.g. serving as student host).
  11. Participation in regular physical education classes, with or without credit, that are listed in the institution's catalog and open to all students.
  12. Voluntary individual workouts - provided these workouts are not required or supervised by coaching staff members, except that such activities may be monitored for safety purposes by the institution's strength and conditioning personnel.
  13. Individual consultation with a coach initiated voluntarily by a student-athlete provided the coach and student-athlete do no engage in athletically-related activities.
  14. Use of an institution's athletics facilities by student-athletes, provided the activities are not supervised by or held at the direction of any member of an institutions coaching staff.
  15. Involvement of an institution's strength and condition staff with enrolled student-athletes either in a supervisory capacity for the institution's weight training facility or assisting in conditioning programs.