Each head coach or camp director is responsible for promoting his or her respective camp or clinic. Any printed or internet material promoting a camp, including advertisements, brochures, and handouts, must be approved by the Director of Athletics Compliance. All materials must meet NCAA and Virginia Tech guidelines for format, printing specifications, and content.

Pursuant to these guidelines, the following actions are PERMISSIBLE:

  • Using the name or picture of any student-athlete employed as a counselor to publicize or promote the summer sports camp, including the use of the student-athlete’s name or picture in camp brochures or other advertising. [NCAA Bylaw]
  • Placing advertisements for the camp or clinic in non-recruiting publications, such as a Virginia Tech game program, a local newspaper, or magazine. [NCAA Bylaw]
  • Placing advertisements in a recruiting publication/periodical (other than a high-school or two-year college game program) that includes a camp directory that meets the following requirements:
    1. The size (not to exceed one-half page) and format of such advertisements must be identical, and
    2. The camp directory must include multiple listings of camps on each page (i.e., at least two camp advertisements of the same size must appear on each page).
  • Distribution of sports camp or clinic brochures to prospects or high school coaches (other than competition involving prospects).

The following actions are NOT PERMISSIBLE:

  • Payment to a student-athlete for using his/her name or picture to advertise a camp or clinic.
  • Agreeing to advertise in a recruiting publication/periodical without obtaining permission to review the layout plan prior to publication.
  • Distribution of posters promoting a sports camp or clinic to prospects or high school coaches.
  • Distribution of camp or clinic brochures at a competition involving prospects.