There are insurance requirements for all Athletics camps or clinics conducted at Virginia Tech:

  • Liability Insurance: Each camp/clinic should have a minimum of $500,000 per occurrence coverage AND Virginia Tech must be named as “additional insured.”
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: This insurance is required by state law if the workers are considered employees of the camp rather than an independent contractor. If the workers are employees, they will receive a W-2 for wages earned and taxes will be withheld. If they are an independent contractor, they will be issued a 1099 for compensation paid and no taxes will be withheld. However, worker’s compensation insurance is recommended for all camps. For example, if an independent contractor is injured while working a camp and the camp does not have worker’s compensation insurance, the independent contractor can sue the camp. If the camp has worker’s compensation insurance, the independent contractor can only file for workers compensation.
  • Medical Insurance: Potential campers must show proof of primary, individual medical insurance prior to being allowed to participate in a camp at Virginia Tech. It is also the recommendation of the department for each individual camp to have an “excess” and/or secondary medical insurance policy that could cover any expenses that may be incurred above the primary, individual insurance coverage. Also, if trainers are hired as independent contractors and the camp does not have the appropriate medical insurance, the trainer is assuming the risk of being sued for medical malpractice or incidental medical malpractice.

Ellen Douglas, Office of Risk Management (1-7439), should be contacted if you have specific questions related to insurance coverage.