General Guidelines

Timing of the Camp or Clinic Institutional camps or clinics may not be conducted during a dead period. [NCAA Bylaw]

A football camp or clinic may be conducted only during two periods of 15 consecutive days in the months of June and July or any calendar week that includes days of those months.  [NCAA Bylaw]

A basketball camp or clinic may only be conducted during the months of June, July, or August or any calendar week that includes days of those months.  [NCAA Bylaw]

Camps or clinics in sports other than football and basketball are not restricted by month or season.

Other than the prohibition on camps or clinics during dead periods, the interaction during camps or clinics between prospects and employed coaches is not subject to recruiting calendar restrictions. However, other coaches (not employed by the camp or clinic) wishing to attend as observers must comply with appropriate recruiting contact and evaluation periods. [NCAA Bylaw]

Attendees In football camps or clinics, a senior prospect is not permitted to enroll, participate, or be employed. For purposes of this regulation, prep school students and junior college students are also considered “senior prospects.”  [NCAA Bylaw]

Camps or clinics in sports other than football must be open to all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender. [NCAA Bylaw]

Currently-enrolled student-athletes may not participate as campers in their institution’s camps or clinics. [NCAA Bylaw 17]

Awards Prospects may receive awards from a sports camp/clinic with the understanding that the cost of such awards is included in the admissions fees charged to participants. [NCAA Bylaw]

Educational Session All basketball camps or clinics must include an educational session in which participants are educated regarding NCAA initial-eligibility standards, and regulations related to gambling, agents, and drug use. [NCAA Bylaw]

Tryouts It is not permissible to conduct any type of “tryout session” at which one or more prospects reveal, demonstrate, or display their athletic abilities. [NCAA Bylaw 13.11.1]

Equipment and Sales No equipment or supplies purchased with state or university funds (e.g., sport operational budget, foundation account) may be used in the operation of a sports camp or clinic.

Camp Store No items purchased with state or university funds may be sold at a camp store.

Use of Annual Leave When Conducting Camps/Clinics Coaches, and other staff with faculty status, must use four hours of annual or compensatory leave for each day, Monday through Friday, a camp or clinic is held. Support staffs, who are employed by the university, must use the appropriate amount of annual or compensatory leave for any hours worked on camps during the 8:00 to 5:00 time period. Sport supervisor and the Director of Human Resources and Diversity Management for Athletics will review leave reports for accuracy.