Employment of Student-Athletes

Each head coach or camp director is responsible for providing accurate student-athlete employment information with the Camp Approval Form and the Post-Camp Reporting.

All student-athletes working camps where minors are campers must have a completed background check cleared through a contracted background check vendor (see previous section entitled Camp Background Check Policy).

Pursuant to NCAA legislation, please note the following guidelines regarding the employment of student-athletes:

Employability For camps or clinics in sports other than football, an institution (or a staff member of its Athletics Department) may employ student-athletes to work as counselors, subject to the following conditions:

  • Involved student-athletes may not participate in any activities that constitute “organized practice activities” per NCAA regulations;  [NCAA Bylaw]

No member of the football team with eligibility remaining may be employed or otherwise participate in that institution’s football camp. [NCAA Bylaw]

Compensation The student-athlete must perform duties that are of a general supervisory character in addition to any coaching or officiating assignments. [NCAA Bylaw]

Compensation must be commensurate with the going rate for counselors of like teaching ability and experience, and may not be paid on the basis of the value that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of his/her athletics reputation. [NCAA Bylaw]

It is not permissible to compensate a student-athlete who only lectures or demonstrates. [NCAA Bylaw]

Reimbursement for Travel Expense/Transportation A student-athlete may receive actual travel expenses (lodging/meals in transit, prepaid plane tickets, cash advances) only if such travel expenses are paid and procedures for reimbursement are used for all employees of the camp or clinic. [NCAA Bylaw]

Actual transportation from an institution’s coach or representative of its athletics interests (booster) may be provided only if travel expenses are paid for all employees. [NCAA Bylaw]