Per Bylaw 13.3, all Division I institutions are required to provide the most recent Graduate Rate and Academic Progress Rate (APR) data to prospects and their parents or legal guardians no later than the day prior to the prospect's signed National Letter of Intent, offer of admission, or financial aid. Report Publication. The Association's national office annually shall publish the admissions and graduation-rate data, academic progress rate and graduation success rate specified in Bylaws 30.1, 30.11, and 30.1.2 and shall identify the information on an institution-specific basis. Report Distribution. Member institutions shall provide to prospective student-athletes and to prospective student-athletes' parents or legal guardians the information contained within the report. The NCAA shall provide a compilation of graduation data to the prospective student-athletes guidance offices and high school and two-year college coaches. The information shall be provided at the earliest opportunity after the institution's first arranged in-person encounter with the prospective student-athlete or upon request; however, in no event shall an institution provide the information later than the day prior to a prospective student-athlete's signed acceptance of the National Letter of Intent or signed acceptance of the financial aid. An institution may provide the information in hard copy or electronic form (e.g., electronic mail, link to Web site). Violations of this bylaw shall be considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such violations shall not affect the prospective student-athlete's eligibility.